Computerizing your old Land Rover

If you take your modern car to the garage, they probably just plug it into their computer, and get a complete report on its condition.

Have you ever wished you could plug your old Land Rover into one of those diagnostic computers that modern garages use?
We have discovered that "WINDOWS 98" comes complete with a set of diagnostic software to analyse problems with old Land Rovers. And due to incredible advances in technology we can now connect your old Land Rover to your computer without using a direct cable link.

Using a combination of BLUETOOTH, INFRARED, W.I.F.I. ...... STRING, and SUPERGLUE,       WINDOWS New Hardware Wizard can now make your Land Rover appear as another "Drive" on your computer. All you need to do is tell your computer where to search to find your Land Rover and let WINDOWS do the rest.
This system works quite happily on more modern operating systems like WIN ME, XP etc. but the interface may just resemble WIN 98.

First, tell WINDOWS what kind
of Old Land Rover to search for ?

Series 1
Series 2 and 2a
Series 3

Next, Please tell WINDOWS,
the direction in which to search

         Of this computer.

Is the vehicle parked in the

Registration or Chassis Number   optional

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